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 Soul Alchemy Remote Healing Group

Remote energy work is possible in today's world because energy is not limited to space or time. Energy can be transferred through all space and time. Energy comes from a universal source and that is transferred through me, as a light being, and then transferred to my clients. My energy is sourced from the earth and can be transferred to my clients because of my daily spiritual practices that keep my energy and aura clean. I practice daily clearing habits that ensure my energy is clean and suitable for this type of work. I allow my energy to be cleaned by my guardian angel and my spiritual healing team. This is a daily ritual that happens two times a day. I eat a very clean vegan diet to ensure the cleanliness of my aura and energy. I take great care of my whole energy body and physical body to ensure the safety of my clients. I will continue this practice every day of my life as an energy healer. During the group session you will relax in a quiet space. You have the option to watch the Live session or watch it on replay, as many times as you would like. These sessions are 30 minutes long and will be available immediately after the Live session is complete. The sessions will also be available for 30 days after the initial Live session. I'm also available for private one on one session and can be reached at the email box below.

  1. Use the purchase sessions button to sign up for 2 energy healing sessions a month (Auto Pay).

  2.  Go to the Facebook Group and request to join private group.

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