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Meet Kristie

"... It was all part of my own Sacred Path."

I would later come to the understanding that number 7 is a highly spiritual number that is associated with intuition, mysticism, inner wisdom, and a deep inward knowing.

It was at a very young age, my intuitive ability started to emerge. I even made friends with a boy named JB. There was no detail I didn’t know about him when my family asked. I would later find out that he was a boy that had died in an auto accident near my home. I was the first friend who was able to hear him. It’s still my Granddaddy's favorite thing to talk about.


Even then, I knew I was here to help others. That sense of knowing lead me to work in the medical field as an adult. Surrounded by people in need of medical-care, I became empathically aware of the feelings of others. As time went on, I begin to feel a deeper connection to wanting help others.  Ironically, a strange eye condition lead me to energy healing suggested by a friend. Just after receiving my 3rd session. I could feel that this is what I was suppose to do in life.

I later began studying at The Center For Energy Healing where I received my certification. The training brought me closer to God and a deeper understanding of my natural abilities. It was experience I will always be grateful for.

Sacred Path Energy Healing_ Kristie W..j
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