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Meet Kristie

Certified Energy Healer & Intuitive

I was born, and grew up in a small town in South Georgia. One road lead from my home to the towns' doctors, where my mother worked, the Post Office where my granddaddy worked, and my Great Uncles' TV Repair Shop. I loved to ride my bike and stop at each place. I definitely had all the simple pleasure of a small town upbringing.

At a very young age, I started to notice number sequences. For instance,  I was born on the 7th day. I was 7 years old in classroom number 7. I was assigned to the 7th desk in the row.

Reiki Practitioner

What I Specialize In



Touch Therapy Energy Healing

Integrative Energy Healing






The Journey Towards Existentialism        Begins on a Sacred Path.

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I did not want the session to end! It was a tremendous, positive healing energy - and so soothing. It felt as though as weight was lifted and I could breathe deeply again for the first time in months.

- Marcia

Kristie is a wonderful person with a beautiful spirit. After my first session with her I could instantly feel the weight of a lifetime of failures had been lifted and I was ready for a fresh start.

- Matt  M.

I felt a calm and peace I haven't felt in years after my session and I was able to sleep through the night without meds for the first time in years!

- Patrick  C.

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